Page 66 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

An ordinary shareholder holding dematerialised shares by “own name” registration, or who holds shares that are not dematerialised,
may insert the name of a proxy or the names of two alternative proxies of the ordinary shareholder’s choice in the space provided,
with or without deleting “the chairman of the annual general meeting”. The person whose name stands first on the proxy form and
who is present at the annual general meeting will be entitled to act as proxy to the exclusion of those whose names follow. Should
a proxy not be specified, this will be exercised by the chairman of the annual general meeting. A proxy need not be a shareholder
of the company.
An ordinary shareholder is entitled to one vote on a show of hands and, on a poll, to that proportion of the total votes in the
company which the aggregate amount of the nominal value of the shares held by him/her bears to the aggregate amount
of the nominal value of all the shares (i.e. both ordinary and participating preference shares) issued by the company. An ordinary
shareholder’s instructions to the proxy must be indicated by inserting the relevant number of votes exercisable by the ordinary
shareholder in the appropriate box(es). An “X” in the appropriate box indicates the maximum number of votes exercisable by
that shareholder. Failure to comply with the above will be deemed to authorise the proxy to vote or to abstain from voting at the
annual general meeting as he/she deems it in respect of the entire shareholder’s votes exercisable thereat. An ordinary shareholder or
his/her proxy is not obliged to use all the votes exercisable by the ordinary shareholder, or to cast all those votes exercised in the
same way, but the total of the votes cast and in respect whereof abstention is recorded may not exceed the total of the votes
exercisable by the ordinary shareholder.
If any ordinary shareholder does not indicate on this instrument that his/her proxy is to vote in favour of or against any resolution
or to abstain from voting, or give contradictory instructions, or should any further resolution(s) or any amendment(s) which may be
properly put before the annual general meeting be proposed, the proxy shall be entitled to vote as he/she thinks fit.
The completion and lodging of this proxy form will not preclude the relevant shareholder from attending the annual general meeting
and speaking and voting in person thereat instead of any proxy appointed in terms hereof.
Documentary evidence establishing the authority of a person signing the proxy form in a representative capacity must be attached
to this form, unless previously recorded by the company or waived by the chairman of the annual general meeting.
The chairman of the annual general meeting may reject or accept any proxy form which is completed and/or received other than
in compliance with these notes.
A proxy may not delegate his/her authority to act on behalf of the shareholder, to another person.
It is requested that this proxy form should be completed and returned to the company’s transfer secretaries, Computershare Investor
Services Proprietary Limited, 70 Marshall Street, Johannesburg 2001 (PO Box 61051, Marshalltown 2107), so as to reach them by
no later than Friday 25 October 2013 at 12:00.