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What drives the content
The integrated annual report conveys information regarding the group’s financial
and sustainability performance. It is reflective of the group’s commitment to create
shareholder value while considering the triple contexts in which companies operate:
social, environmental and economic.
The report includes information that the board and management deem to be useful
and relevant to stakeholders, and is guided by:
The company’s memorandum of incorporation (“MOI”);
The Companies Act, 71 of 2008, as amended;
The JSE Listings Requirements; and
King III Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa (“King III”).
External assurance on contents and
approval of the report
This integrated report is the result of combined input from Niveus and its subsidiaries
on their activities and achievements for the year. Niveus has not obtained independent
third-party assurance on the non-financial data included in this integrated report.
However, a key component of assurance is the approval of data and information
by Niveus’s executive management, the audit and risk committee and, ultimately,
the board.
This report was reviewed by management and the audit and risk committee and
recommended for approval by the board. The external auditors, Grant Thornton
Jhb) Inc, provide assurance on the annual financial statements available on the
Niveus website.
EmpowerLogic Proprietary Limited independently verifies broad-based black
economic empowerment (“BBBEE”) data in order to issue the annual BBBEE
scorecards and rating certificates to the Niveus subsidiaries. The group’s carbon
footprint is independently measured by CoZero.
We believe that this integrated report and annual financial statements offer
stakeholders the necessary information to make considered evaluations about
Niveus’s performance and business viability.
the integrated report
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013