Page 42 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

There are some notable examples in our bingo business where unskilled employees
have progressed to become duty managers and supervisors.
Incidence of discrimination
Non-discrimination in the workplace is a cornerstone of the Niveus philosophy
and its code of ethics. Reporting and investigating discrimination incidents are
established within normal grievance and disciplinary procedures.
Freedom of association and collective bargaining
Niveus recognises the right of employees to associate freely and thus all Niveus
employees are free to join trade unions. However, the level of trade union activity
and the existence of formal collective bargaining agreements vary from subsidiary
to subsidiary.
KWV, as a founding member of the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol
Use (“ARA”), is committed to supporting the ARA in its objectives to reduce alcohol-
related harm through combating the misuse and abuse of alcoholic beverages.
The ARA is one of the main funders of the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research
FARR”) which does extensive research in the area of foetal alcohol syndrome (“FAS”)
and foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (“FASD”). Their intervention programme in
De Aar has led to a 30% reduction in the incidence of FAS and FASD in the area.
Their intervention project in Prince Alfred Hamlet is currently making excellent
progress despite the farmworker unrest last year.
KWV subscribes to the ARA Code of Commercial Communication and is committed
to complying with the Code in support of the self-regulatory environment in which
the business operates.
Niveus is committed to endorsing responsible gambling as well as promoting
the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and
treatment. In line with the Niveus gambling policy, directors and key employees
are aware of their responsibilities in terms of gaming entities and are, for example,
prohibited from gambling during working hours in contravention of the gaming
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013