Page 41 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

Amanzimtoti Child & Family Welfare Society
Galaxy Bingo partnered with the Amanzimtoti Child & Family Welfare Society,
donating household supplies to foster parents caring for orphaned and vulnerable
Eastern Cape Educational Trust
The Eastern Cape Educational Trust was formed in partnership with the Eastern
Cape Gambling and Betting Board to address the social needs of local people. The
trust funded the building of a crèche, a facility to accommodate orphaned children
and funded full-time accredited skills training programmes for unemployed youth.
The trust further supported a matric school programme in Grahamstown with the aim
of improving matric results to enable learners to gain access to tertiary education
institutions. The trust funded a parent support programme to provide mentorship to
parents of matric students.
Mamello Senior Secondary School
Vukani contributed to the construction and equipping of the school laboratory at
Mamello Senior Secondary School in the Free State province. There was a great
need for this and it enabled the learners to be tutored in science in a safe and hands-
on environment for the first time.
The Niveus social and ethics committee oversees and monitors the company’s
activities in relation to labour and employee issues.
Employee relations
Niveus and its subsidiaries focus on developing employees’ abilities through training
and education, respecting individual integrity and human rights, offering fair pay and
advancement opportunities and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace with open
and honest communication.
The subsidiaries continuously pursue health and safety activities that aim to reduce
the risk of accidents and reinforce safety awareness, thereby also increasing
productivity. Efforts in the area are based on national legislation and industry
standards. Health and safety committees are established in those subsidiaries
where it is deemed necessary as per legislation.
Training and development
There are a number of development programmes available for various employee
categories throughout the organisation as well as opportunities for employees to
attend specialised courses.
Niveus participates in the HCI group’s bursary programme where mentors are
assigned to work with subsidiaries in the group. The rapid growth in gaming has
also provided the opportunity to employ unskilled people where they are trained as
waiters, cashiers and general administrative staff.
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013