Page 40 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

Socio-Economic Development (SED)
The purpose of socio-economic development is to improve the living conditions and
quality of life of disadvantaged communities.
The objective is to focus efforts on the following
three areas,
where we believe we
can have an impact:
Community upliftment
Health and welfare
Community development forms the cornerstone of the SED programmes, but
it is complex and area specific. Social investment opportunities span a variety of
initiatives, such as support for orphans and vulnerable children, the aged, people
with disabilities, and animal care.
Partnering with community-based organisations, which are best placed to under­
stand community needs, is the preference as the organisations typically have
credibility and capacity to deliver benefits through existing initiatives.
The Pebbles Project
The purpose of the Pebbles Project is to enrich the lives of children with special
educational needs from disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide support
and training to local wine farm and township crèches and establish after-school
supervision for older children living in the Winelands. Funding from KWV is used to
continue the after-school club sport programme.
The Klapmuts Community Centre
The aim of supporting this centre is to create an environment where disadvantaged
and challenged children and mothers can be stimulated and taught. KWV is working
in partnership with the social worker from the NG Church Suider-Paarl, who is
responsible for counselling sessions and running a soup kitchen. KWV would also
be in a position to run other social upliftment projects from this property.
Staff from KWV donated their 67 minutes on Mandela Day at the Klapmuts
Community Centre painting the kitchen container as well as a mural inside
the centre.
AIKIDO SOUTH AFRICA® (ASA) was established to disseminate aikido as
traditional martial art to people across the spectrum. ASA currently provides training
programmes to disadvantaged children from the most impoverished communities in
the Boland, including Mbekweni, Klapmuts and Paarl.
KWV has partnered with ASA by providing a facility where ASA training programmes
can take place.
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013