Page 39 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

The Niveus Foundation Trust was established in August 2013 and aims to facilitate
change through interactive partnerships in order to make a significant and enduring
impact in underresourced communities.
Niveus is committed to the empowerment, development and social upliftment of
disadvantaged communities in areas and localities in which it operates. The projects
that Niveus commits to are selected to ensure that an overall balance is achieved
between those that yield immediate results and have a wide impact and those that
require long-term commitment with a view to create entrepreneurs and transforming
Enterprise Development
Enterprise development aims to empower communities by creating entrepreneurs
through funding viable, sustainable community projects that contribute towards
poverty alleviation, while at the same time increasing the self-esteem and confidence
of the participant and the community.
The Clothing Bank
The Clothing Bank is considered a best practice example of sustainable enterprise
development. The Clothing Bank’s holistic programme focuses on the training
and development of unemployed mothers to assist in their transformation from
demotivated brokenness, low self-esteem and dependence on hand-outs to
empowered, confident and financially independent women.
Coaching plays a vital role in the upliftment and emotional empowerment of the
participating women. Life coaches continue to meet with participants during the
two-year training period. Participants start running a small business within weeks of
joining the programme, and the objective is that they should earn sufficient income
to provide for their family’s basic needs. When participants exit The Clothing Bank,
they are supported to find alternative micro franchise business solutions and they
are mentored to migrate from their small retail business to new “business in a box”
KWV sponsored ten women to participate in this initiative.
Shareholding in gaming licences
Niveus has assisted minority partners to acquire shareholding in some of its gaming
licences by providing them with interest-free funding. These minority partners are
mostly local partners where the anticipated economic benefits will flow back to the
area in which the licences operate.
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013