Page 36 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

Niveus has an environmental policy that dictates the company’s approach to
environmental management. This includes:
promoting sustainable development to ensure that the actions of the group meet
the needs of the present, while minimising the cost to the future;
monitoring compliance with environmental legislation, regulations, and other
requirements, and observing the standards propagated by appropriate local or
international authorities where no such legislation exists;
reporting on environmental and recycling initiatives;
encouraging and motivating all group employees to adhere to environmental
protection and pollution prevention policies in order to meet environmental
objectives; and
auditing, monitoring, and reviewing subsidiaries’ progress.
Environmental sustainability
Environmental management programmes, along with various sustainability and
energy-efficiency measures, are implemented within the context of Niveus’s
environmental management policy.
Climate and energy
Niveus subsidiaries collect emissions data on an annual basis and are continually
implementing initiatives to reduce emissions across the group or reduce the
consumption of resources.
Conference calls and upgraded videoconferencing units have been installed at
multiple locations to reduce travel.
Energy-saving lighting, new optimal-sized boilers that enhance boiler efficiency
and reduce fuel consumption, and monitoring of energy and water consumption
measuring systems have been implemented.
Niveus, through an initiative driven by HCI, has appointed a service provider,
CoZero, to calculate and report on its carbon footprint.
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013