Page 35 - Niveus - Integrated report 2013

The social and ethics committee is responsible for ensuring that Niveus is an
effective and responsible corporate citizen. Its role and responsibilities are set out
in the corporate governance report on page 19.
Those issues that affect the ability of the company to create value in the short, medium
and long term are at the core of its sustainability approach. These are primarily
defined through interaction with stakeholders. Niveus defines its stakeholders as
individuals, groups, organisations, members or systems that can materially affect
its operations or investments. Niveus’s subsidiaries continuously engage with the
following stakeholders through its value-creation activities:
Value-creation activities
Delivery of high-quality products and services in entertainment and related industries.
In alcoholic beverages, the customer is predominantly retailers, whereas Galaxy Bingo
and Vukani have direct relationships with end consumers.
Long-term planning, contracting and subsequent payment for delivered goods
and services.
Government and regulators
Participating in the optimised regulation and structuring of the gaming and alcoholic
beverage industries.
Regulatory bodies (gambling and
betting boards)
Long-term engagement in terms of licensing and lobbying.
Employment, wages and other benefits for employees.
Dividends and share price appreciation.
Investment in community projects aimed at improved education, health and
job creation.
Approach To Sustainability Reporting
The implementation of sustainable business practices is a continuous process
for every organisation. To maintain and improve sustainability initiatives, Niveus,
through the social and ethics committee, encourages its subsidiaries to embed
a sustainability strategy into the core strategy of their business. Sustainability
initiatives help to increase the value of the company by leveraging opportunities and
managing risks from a financial, social and environmental perspective.
Economic sustainability
Economic sustainability is critical in attracting and retaining customers, employees
and investors. Sustainability initiatives increase the value of the company by
leveraging opportunities and managing risk.
Niveus Investments Limited integrated Report 2013